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The S S GROUP (INDIA) founded by Mr. Ravinder Singh comprises of management leadership scouted within each section of it's operations. Moreover, the company provides a network with broad global market. Incorporated in 1989, S S Group (India) is an accredited supplier, exporter and importer of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material.

With an advance techno Machineries & Skilled eligible team members, S S GROUP (INDIA) offer it's customer unsurpassed service quality while providing solutions that will enhance their business needs.

S S GROUP (INDIA) also offers the unique advantage of providing a global network to the members and hence allowing it's group members to solely focus on delivering better services.

Together with it's network of established professional team, S S GROUP (INDIA) has the ability to connect chain across countries & further continents within one organization.
We Manufacture:
Jackets Cartons
Labels &
Experience - Quality - Reliability

Our commitment to quality is sacrosanct, All our raw products goes from a sufficient quality test. Board, ink, lamination products all proceed for work, only after the approval and a deep inspections, the whole process from start to finish inspect by our inspection team. All or products are eco and environmental friendly to keep the environment glowing.

• Board Quality Test
• Lamination Quality Test
• Ink Quality Test
     Client Speak 
"We use to get a highest quality goods made out of Branded Raw Materials such as Board, Ink & Other Subordinate."
Mopson pharmaceutical Limited

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