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Four components in which S S GROUP (INDIA) interact and focus on the key responsibilities are based on the followings:

Strict standard operating procedures to deliver first class presentation of our Products with a highest quality level to customers through avenues such as pre alerts-approvals of designs/artworks, fastest production supported by an advance technology & skilled team,Line clearance, Job Cards & separate register record, Proper partitions to avoid mix ups, accuracy in shipment planning, vessel arrival notification, correct invoicing, speedy documentation and most important, customer care at the point of entry to S S GROUP (INDIA).

Sales generate customers and quality service keeps client happy. This is the key performance aspect of the growth of S S GROUP (INDIA).

Customer satisfaction is our asset.

We will become a "sales driven" company, totally focused on customer contact, confidence and care whenever dealing with us.

A rigid and totally focused "customer satisfaction" plan are implemented to ensure maximum quality service.

Communications are the key to growth within the S S GROUP (INDIA). We will be constantly circulating our sales correspondence, encouraging and challenging the global network to do the same.

A planned quarterly meeting reviews each department performance.

In 1989 and beyond, S S Group (INDIA) will draw its breath from sustained growth and profitability. The support of overseas clients and management is vital to our success.

Vendors of S S Group (INDIA) will also be encouraged to support our business plans and involved in its implementation and measurement processes.

We at S S Group know that, confidence and support of our bankers & creditors is critical to our growth. Here, we will meet with all creditors expectations.
We Manufacture:
Jackets Cartons
Labels &
Experience - Quality - Reliability

Our commitment to quality is sacrosanct, All our raw products goes from a sufficient quality test. Board, ink, lamination products all proceed for work, only after the approval and a deep inspections, the whole process from start to finish inspect by our inspection team. All or products are eco and environmental friendly to keep the environment glowing.

• Board Quality Test
• Lamination Quality Test
• Ink Quality Test
     Client Speak 
"As per our Inspection team appointed to visit S S Group (India) factory, it has observed that the factory have blessed with an advance technology & number of machineries which turns to fastest Production with a best quality goods"
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