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Our workplace is an ideal equilibrium of work and play, where the employees get opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. We are not always hiring but looking out for talented people. We encourage open channels of communication teamwork, and respect to new ideas and thoughts.

Kindly send you CV at rss@ssgroupi.in
We Manufacture:
Jackets Cartons
Labels &
Experience - Quality - Reliability

Our commitment to quality is sacrosanct, All our raw products goes from a sufficient quality test. Board, ink, lamination products all proceed for work, only after the approval and a deep inspections, the whole process from start to finish inspect by our inspection team. All or products are eco and environmental friendly to keep the environment glowing.

• Board Quality Test
• Lamination Quality Test
• Ink Quality Test
     Client Speak 
"S S Group (India) takes special efforts to reach upto customer’s mind & innovative designing team provides unique Designs as per Product’s requirement. "
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