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While maintaining the highest standard of excellence in printing with in – house facilities, we provide colour printing of various items. We provide all types of Pharmaceutical packaging material inclusive of:

Jackets / Cartons: Blister Pack cards, catch covers, confectionery, cosmetics, flexible Carton Boxes, Syrup Cartons, Capsule/Tablet Outer & Inner etc.

Labels: We offer Custom size & Standard one, two or full colour label printing services with wide variety of printing formats such as sheet fed labels, label rolls, metallic foils & laser safe labels. We also offer custom warning labels, safety instructions and product labels.

Posters, Brouchures, Catalogues & Danglers: A Great way to get results while keeping advertising costs down as it contains an essential company information. Available in multiple sizes.

Calendars: Brings value to your business image by offering useful full colour calendars & variety of diaries for all occasions to your contacts. Calendars are available with 5.5 x 8.5”, 8.5 x 11” or custom size with 1-4 colour printing & fastest printing turnaround.

Leaflets: Contains all product information & available in various sizes as per customer requirement.

We have a sacrosanct quality control for all our raw products mainly like:
Board: in respect of GSM Checking, stiffness, thickness, whiteness, bursting & Crack tests

Film / UV Varnish / Aqua Varnish: Lamination check goes from lamination film, suitable micron, gum. We use BOPP & Polyster film so that there no question of wrinkles.

Ink: We use ‘SIEGWERK’ ink for both printing machines. Quality test goes from ink quality check machine called SPECTRA EYE.

We enjoy an excellent Production & Dispatch management. S SGROUP (INDIA) can ship finished products in bulk to your location or fulfill orders directly to your customers. While storage & dispatch we have a system of box labelling duly mentioned product name & quantity, Job Number, Shipping marks so that we can differentiate products & consignments.
We Manufacture:
Jackets Cartons
Labels &
Experience - Quality - Reliability

Our commitment to quality is sacrosanct, All our raw products goes from a sufficient quality test. Board, ink, lamination products all proceed for work, only after the approval and a deep inspections, the whole process from start to finish inspect by our inspection team. All or products are eco and environmental friendly to keep the environment glowing.

• Board Quality Test
• Lamination Quality Test
• Ink Quality Test
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"We always get delivery of quality Goods
on time as per delivery schedules required by us.
S R medicare Pvt. Ltd.

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