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Our highest priority is on customizing our products. We firmly believe that quality is never an accident. We are committed to provide what our customer wants. We always endeavor to provide reliable products having international standards to our clients.

We are fine-tuned to deliver consignment as per the customer's requirements. We also have expertise in formulating exact replica to the client's drawing of the required product.

While maintaining the highest standard & excellence in printing with in-house facilities, we provide color printing of the various items. It’s a great honour of ourselves to say that our customers are very broad and varied. The scope of our equipment base allows us to produce anything from Small- run, Single color jobs to very large, intricate, multi- colour projects.

Our Vision:
S S GROUP (INDIA) has a vision to create a business that is unique & exceptional in customer service and price competitiveness, its service offering linked together with talented management focused on customer requirement as the driver of all outcomes. Hence, we are achieving customer confidence and faith in our services.

Our Objective:
Providing a platform through superior account management and market saturation of all services within the S S GROUP (INDIA).

Providing a S S GROUP (INDIA) product that will assist the retention of targeted customers based on a "value proposition" offered by doing business with us.

To create a business that has the ability to differentiate from its competitors thereby enabling sustainable growth.

Capitalize on our combined skills, customer base and industry knowledge.
We Manufacture:
Jackets Cartons
Labels &
Experience - Quality - Reliability

Our commitment to quality is sacrosanct, All our raw products goes from a sufficient quality test. Board, ink, lamination products all proceed for work, only after the approval and a deep inspections, the whole process from start to finish inspect by our inspection team. All or products are eco and environmental friendly to keep the environment glowing.

• Board Quality Test
• Lamination Quality Test
• Ink Quality Test
     Client Speak 
"S S Group (India) takes special efforts to reach upto customer’s mind & innovative designing team provides unique Designs as per Product’s requirement."
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